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    Ant, prepare to meet thy doom.

    Ant, prepare to meet thy doom.

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    Bright balls on Flickr.

    Bright balls on Flickr.

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    Three on Flickr.

    Three on Flickr.

  4. Apple value.

    Looking on the Apple site I see they have a recycling program where you can get up to £220 towards the cost of a new phone if you recycle your old one through them.

    Though I’d see what my (still in daily use) 3GS was worth…


    Don’t think I’ll bother.

  5. Spent a nice bank holiday Monday up at Castle Campbell.

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    Sometimes only a Greggs sausage roll will do. At least it’s not as unhealthy as a Mars bar in batter.

    Sometimes only a Greggs sausage roll will do. At least it’s not as unhealthy as a Mars bar in batter.

  7. Time to shift away from Google?

    I’ve been using Google’s word processing and spreadsheet functions for ages. Accessible anywhere there is an internet connection and more than powerful enough for my needs.

    However the way Google is screwing up YouTube and forcing everybody to use Google+ (I actually don’t mind G+ but I don’t like it being forced onto me) I think it’s time to look to alternatives.

    I’ve had a Vimeo account for ages so for video dual uploading, Vimeo and YouTube, is not a problem. As for my document use, then perhaps SkyDrive working through Microsoft Office.

    I had hoped Google’s document and spreadsheet offerings would get me away from Office, and to a great extent they had. However it looks like Google has scored the proverbial own goal and now it’s back to Word.

    I don’t want this, but right now Google is really pissing me off.

  8. That’s more like it. A 1Gig video uploaded to Vimeo in around 1 minute. I can live with that.

    A video looking around the derelict seminary of St Peter, Cardeoss, Scotland.

  9. Rode videomic Pro thoughts.

  10. Please YouTube,

    stop mucking around with the social side as you try to make it more commercial.

    Us reading comments on videos and talking to each other through YouTube may not make the advertisers money, on the other hand the more times I visit YouTube and the greater length of time I spend there  does increase the chance of me seeing an ad.

    If I just want to sit & watch I’ll go to Vimeo. If I want to interact and watch I’ll (at the moment) go to YouTube. Reduce my interaction level then I won’t visit YouTube at all, then there’s no change of seeing any ad.